What are we?

Or What We Are Not?

What Are We?

You are likely asking yourself right about now, “What is B&V Healthy Living and why should I care about them?” And we don't blame you. We would probably have the same exact feelings if we were in your shoes. The irony in that is that we are in your shoes. Let me explain.


What We Are Not

We are not important. We are nobody in fact. We are not celebrity fitness models. We are not classically trained professional motivational speakers. We are not even master chefs that attended the finest culinary schools zooming in with the latest diet trend. We are just Brian and Vanda. Two individuals that have regular jobs, children, pets, mortgages, bills, car payments, and credit debt up to their eyeballs. We are in your shoes.  


Why Are We Here?

I want you to imagine there is a person if you will. This person is on top of the world in their mid-twenties. They are unstoppable. They then find the love of their life. They exchange their vows and begin a new life together as happy as can be. They get a decent job, but they want to start a family and they know that this current income is not enough. So, they return to school to improve their life, but then a child is born. They are working hard at their job, learning the best they can in school, and raising their little family. How is their time to exercise and eat healthy? 


Fast forward 10 - 15 years and they now have another child, a mortgage, car loans, student loans, and enough credit card debt that causes so much stress that their hair begins to fall out in a small patch on the side of their head. Doesn't sound like a healthy person on top of the world anymore, does it? They are now in their mid-thirties, clinically obese due to being 85 lbs over their ideal weight for their height, they have just been diagnosed as pre-diabetic with sleep apnea and extremely high blood pressure. The doctor says they need to exercise steadily and maintain a healthy diet. But how? They are becoming more depressed by the day because they don't have the time to exercise, and they can't even bend over to tie their own shoes without losing their breath.  


Now let me ask you, did you imagine this person to be you? Does any of this resonate with you at all? The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. I say this with authority because the person I described was me. This person I described is dead actually. I killed him. Ok, I transformed him and exiled him for good. Is that better? The take home message is that I knew I needed help, and I sought it. I didn't just sit back and hope for things to get better like some miraculous event was going to occur for me. I found something that I could listen to. I found something that motivated me. I found something that I could believe in that I could use to start building the new me. Of course, it didn't happen overnight. Nothing good ever does. Only bad things happen overnight. Keep that in mind.  


I found something just like B&V healthy Living that helped me become the man I am today, which if you're keeping score at home is another fast forward of 10 years. We have been motivating ourselves over the past few years to keep working on our physical and mental health, and we realized that there are billions of people in the world that are in our shoes. They are struggling to find the motivation, and or time, to improve their lives. Perhaps they just need a little nudge in the right direction? That my friends, is why we are here! 

- Brian, Operating Manager of B&V Healthy Living LLC