Want to Live a Longer Life?

You'll Want to Pay Close Attention to This 11 Minute Secret Then!

11 minutes! That is it! You can do anything in the world for only 11 minutes if it is truly that important to you. Well, I suppose almost anything to be fare. I wouldn't recommend holding your breathe underwater for 11 minutes to impress your friends.  That is guaranteed to ensure you live a shorter life.


I read an article in Consumer Reports¹ called The 11-Minute Secret for a Longer Life that I felt was worth sharing with you all. In the article, they source an analysis of 196 case studies by the British Journal of Sports Medicine that concludes that you can reduce your risk of an early death by 23% by just walking at a moderate pace for about 11 minutes a day.  


The article states that walking 11 minutes a day can also “reduce the odds of heart disease by 19 % and of breast, colon, endometrial, liver, and lung cancers by 5% - 16%”.  


This is a significant finding for those that are too busy to exercise because of the hustle of everyday life. I want to challenge all of you to commit to walking at least 11 minutes a day for one month and ask yourself how it makes you feel. Not only are you reducing your risk of these horrible diseases, but I guarantee you will be less winded and feel like you have more energy by accepting this challenge. 


Comment back to us and after you complete this 30 day challenge and tell us how you feel! We would love to hear of your success!    


                                                                                                                                                                                  - Brian




¹ Consumer Reports - On Health; The Truth About What's Good for You (June 2023, Volume 35, Issue 6)