Feeling Lost in Life

Striving to Feel Happiness Again

Do you ever feel lost? 

We all have felt lost at various stages in our lives. Perhaps you felt lost and out of place starting your journey in a new high school or college. 

Some of us have felt lost starting a new job or felt lost and without purpose at a stale job, prompting us to take our skills elsewhere.

Perhaps you have felt lost and without purpose in your life in general.  We all get stuck in the mundane cycle of wake up, go to work, dishes and kids, sleep, repeat. 

That feeling of purposelessness can be sinking and crippling.  It can take a heavy toll on your mental health and in turn your physical health.

We want to share a story from a young woman that highlights what we are talking about.  

She feels lost in her life and just wants to be happy again. Every day is the same to her. She wakes up, eats, plays video games, sleeps, and that is about all. 

Playing video games used to make her happy, but she lost that joy, and now only plays to pass the time.  She has no motivation to do anything else.  

She enjoys cooking and would like to try other hobbies such as gardening, but she feels that her parents do not support her and do not have the money.  

She hopes she can find a hobby that will make her happy and will make her want to get up in the morning and appreciate life. 

Of course, we recommended to her that she builds a regular exercise routine. Thats free and physical health has a tremendous impact on your mental health.

For anyone else that is feeling the same was as she does, we also found this app called Clarity that seems to be worth investigating. It is a mood tracker and thought journal that can access your cognitive behavior. You can find it here in the app store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/clarity-cbt-thought-diary/id1010391170

We also recommend talking to a mental health counselor if the feelings get too serious. 

Take care of yourself!  - Brian