About Us


We are Brian and Vanda, and we are very happy that you found our page!  We are a husband-and-wife duo that formed this company to help motivate people to break out of their old bad habits and instill new habits that will improve the quality of their lives.  


Married for over 2 decades, our lives have balanced everything you could throw our way. From putting both of us through college, new jobs, having children, buying a house, credit card debt, losing a house, changing jobs again, and now putting a child through college, it's a juggling act for sure!  How can we try to improve our health at the same time?


Vanda promotes a European organic lifestyle that supports growing your own fruits and vegetables in your garden, more walking and biking to connect with nature to have the right mindset to live on a healthier and happy level. She encompasses daily affirmations, taking care of yourself, having purpose, forgiving and forgetting, moving on and not focusing on the negativity, to change your mental thinking.


Positive changes made today to strive towards living a longer, healthier, and happier life tomorrow!